Write an article of 150-200 words on "THE IMPORTANCE OF PUBLIC TRANSPORT" as increase in number of private vehicle caused problem like air pollution, traffic jam, lack of parking space etc.

increase in the number of public vehicles has caus eproblems like rising air pollution, teffic jams, lack of parking space ,road rage,etc.the solution lies in the use of public transport .write an arlicle in 150-200 words on the importance of public transport
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IT is said that the level of development of a country can be judged by its public transportation system. If it is so, then Pakistan is still in the stone age. The public transportation system of our country is in need of great attention by state authorities.

One of the responsibilities of a welfare state is to provide transport facilities to its citizens. But the government of Pakistan is quite ignorant in this respect and is neither willing to provide public transportation nor is willing to regulate public transportation provided by the private sector.

Transportation provided by the private sector is insufficient, is of poor quality and its management is horrific. There is no fixed schedule of service given by the private transporters. The service runs whenever the conductor/driver wants. Public transportation is of high importance for the whole economy, especially for businesses. If a worker cannot plan their commute to get to work and home on time, then sufficient worker productivity is lost.

Also where a worker has to spend two or more hours daily on the road and given the quality of transportation, where he has to stand up for the whole journey and ride a congested bus, he is neither compensated by this employer nor gets a reduction in working hours.
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