Write an article of at least 3 pages on any proposed bill, which you want to become a law. ( i.e., Reservation for women)

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We may write about Women's reservation bill which has been passed in the Rajya Sabha , but has not been passed in the Lok Sabha.

a. The issue of women empowerment has always been the talking point amongst the political fraternity and society alike.
b.  Much has been achieved ever since we gained Independence, from providing legal political equality, liberty to reservation of seats in the local government bodies for women. Not to miss, reservation of seats for women in the Union legislature is also an accepted fact with Rajya Sabha passing the Women's reservation bill.
c. .However, despite this,  participation of women remain low because  the very notion of patriarchy is so well entrenched in Indian society which propagates women's subordination to men as natural and inevitable.
d.We may have established Democracy formally or may in theory talk about empowering women extending liberty, equality, justice to them but their exist a sharp contrast between theory and practice.

e. As  there is still a lack of political consensus on some issues for instance, with regard to women;s reservation bill which has not been passed yet in the Lok Sabha.

f. Political parties representing interests of minorities groups like Samajwadi party, Rashtriya janta dal  have debunk such a bill demanding “Quota within Quota”,and are acting as a major hindrance in the passage of the bill.
Parties are also apprehensive that the move might encourage dynastic succession as politically influential families will field their women candidates, ignoring the masses
 g. There are issues with regard to women's identity as well, as women do not constitute a homogeneous group and the concerns of upper caste women are different from those of lower caste.
 h. Gender prejudice continues to exist in our  society  that develops preconceived idea about women  fixing women in a particular realm regarding private sphere for them
i. Illiteracy, lack
of awareness , domination of men in the political arena are also major hurdles in women's participation.
j. Women's representation in the legislature is less, it is hardly 10%. Society still finds difficult to accept women's participation in the political sphere which by far has been regarded as men's domain.
It is imperative to change the perception of people from treating women with respect and most importantly it is the women who needs to change her own perception about herself with an independent identity of her own.

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