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write an article on inclusive education is not an alternative but an inevitability

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   Inclusive Education is not an alternative but an inevitability

   By Kaushiki (X A)

A ll the children have different talents and abilities. At the same time, their tastes and interest also differ. They are not able to study the same subjects. Here arises the problem. They find it difficult to get good marks or grades in all the subjects. Gradually, they lose interest in studies and leave the school forever.

  Inclusive Education is the only answer to this problem. The students are given ample opportunities to select the subjects of their interest, instead of going for the stereotyped subjects in which they find no interest. In this way, their energy can be channelised in a proper way. They can show their best in this way. To get better results, the teachers can be trained so that they can guide the students well. Students can excel in their selected course or subject.

To make the policy of Inclusive Education successful, the parents will have to come forward. They should start thinking out of the box. They should not compel their progeny to follow the rat race. It can be done by spreading awareness among the masses.

 Career Counseling sessions can help the students as well as their parents to spread awareness about various carrier options. Inclusive of such programmes can bring a sea change in the rigid mind set of present generation and parents. So it is not an alternative but inevitability.    



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