write an article on why foreigners come to india 

Dear Student,
The following pointers will help you to furnish your article:
  • Start your article by mentioning the significance of the country India
  • Its rich culture, heritage flavour, the variety from the north to south, east to west.
  • Each and every state carries its own charisma
  • Explain the country's proud possession of the seventh wonder of the world, its world heritage sight
  • The richness of unity in diversity, the variety of people, language, culture and its attraction
  • Several places to visit, learn and explore
  • A foreigner will get  to see its vast yet premium points and the versatility which no other country has. Starting from mountains, oceans, wildlife, desert, in short - everything
  • For the foreigner who comes to India it will be a magical experience and they will never forget its glory
  • It's our country, it's our 'Incredible India'

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