write an article titled 'Don't be scared, be prepared: Dealing with natural disasters" using the points given below.

developement of decades destroyed in hours; less people die but more crippled and livelihoods affected; causes- extreme weather, poor developement, unplanned urbanization; be prepared-reduce global warming; insurance schemes, advance warning systems, buildings constructed to withstand earthquakes; educate people about evacuation, etc.

Such questions are asked to help in building your writing as well as creative skills, hence an attempt at answering them on your own should be made. However, you can incorporate and elaborate upon the points mentioned below to form your own answer:
  • Natural calamities are something that no one has a control over, and it is something that scares most of us.
  • Due to the changes in climatic conditions caused by human interference, the unpredictability of natural disasters is something that wreaks havoc.
  • Changes like poor development, unplanned urbanizations etc. have brought about extreme weather conditions that we witness today.
  • The loss of property and life is immense in such cases, and the only way that one can cope with it is to be prepared.
  • We should focus on reducing global warming and work towards enhancing the warning systems.
  • Buildings that are constructed to withstand earthquakes are a smart step towards planning for natural disasters, apart from this, educating people about the protocols of evacuation, too can go a long way and help immensely.

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