Write an effective aplication to your teacher that you are unable to attend your FA4 exams so if it is possible then he/she increase the examination date.(urgent pls give it today)

Dear Student

Such questions are asked to focus on developing your writing skills. So we recommend you to frame such answers on your own. However, a few hints are given below to help you out.
The Principal
XYZ School
New Delhi

31st January 2017

Subject - Request to grant a leave during the FA 4 examinations

Respected Sir

With due respect to you, this is to bring to your kind notice that I ________ a student of your school, urgently need three days leave to attend my sister's wedding. My elder sister's wedding is going to be solemnised in Haryana on  6th February 2017. My entire family will be leaving for the wedding on 5th February. We would be returning to Delhi only on the 7th of the month. Unfortunately, my FA-IV examination will commence on 5th February 2017. 
In this respect, I beg your assistance to grant me leave and also consider if it is possible to extend the date of the examination. I shall be grateful to you for the same.
Yours obediently,
Class IX, Roll - xx


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Mention that you have to go out of station die to the sudden demise of your close relative.
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But the condition is sister marriage
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Is this question given to you as homework in English writing part or you have to write a letter because you will not be able to attend F.A. 4 exam of your school.
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Yes i am notable to attend my F A 4 exams because of my sister weddding
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