Write an essay on INTERNET AFFECTS CREATIVITY. Please reply urgently........

Please refer to the following points:

  • Introduce the topic by giving the crux of your argument. Role Internet has played in changing the lives of users
  • Mention the negatives of its overuse. How dependency on Internet has led to lack of creativity
  • Even for the smallest of information, we rely upon the Internet
  • Using too much Internet for every single information, and not using our own brain for same could hamper the creativity of our minds.
  • Conclude your speech by asserting your argument and putting forth the idea that only the judicious use of Internet is a boon.

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The term dissenter (from the Latin dissentire, “to disagree”), labels one who disagrees in matters of opinion, belief, etc. In the social and religious history of England and Wales, and, by extension, Ireland, however, it refers particularly to a member of a religious body who has, for one reason or another, separated from the Established Church or any other kind of Protestant who refuses to recognise the supremacy of the Established Church in areas where the established Church is or was Anglican.[1]

Originally, the term included English and Welsh Roman Catholics[1] whom the original draft of the Nonconformist Relief Act 1779 styled "Protesting Catholic Dissenters." In practice, however, it designates Protestant Dissenters referred to in sec. ii. of the Act of Tolerationof 1689 (see English Dissenters.)

The term does not apply to those bodies who dissent from the Presbyterian Church of Scotland which is the national church of Scotland; and in speaking of members of religious bodies which have seceded from established churches outside Britain one usually employs the term "dissidents" (from the Latin dissidere, “to dissent”). In this connotation the terms "dissenter" and "dissenting," which had acquired a somewhat contemptuous flavour, have tended since the middle of the 18th century to be replaced by "nonconformist," a term which did not originally imply secession, but only refusal to conform in certain particulars (for example the wearing of the surplice) with the authorized usages of the Established Church.[1]

Still more recently the term "nonconformist" has in its turn, as the political attack on the principle of a state establishment of religion developed, tended to give place to the style of “free churches” and “Free Churchman.” All three terms continue in use, “nonconformist” being the most usual, as it is the most colourless.

but today this creativity is being affected by internet as it provides many things, already.

we don't have to create or draw anythingas internet is providing everthing.we can print anything from it by just one click.

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