​Write an Essay - you had set aside an evening to prepare yourself for an examination on the following morning, your plans were disrupted, when your aunt and uncle suddenly arrived from New Delhi, while your parents were away. narrate how you entertained the guest and managed with your studies. You should also write about your feelings on that day

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Given below are few points that will help you frame a complete answer. Kindly refer to the Website to find the format of a diary entry.
  • I was surprised as well as shocked to see my uncle and aunty at the gate.
  • Mixed feelings welled up within me when I imagined how my study leave was going down the drains.
  • There were only hours before the examination and I knew I had to prepare well for it.
  • But I couldn't disappoint them too.
  • I welcomed them into the house and gave them some refreshments.
  • I asked them to take a shower and rest for some time.
  • I informed them about a new park that had just been inaugurated last week, opposite our home.
  • They seemed excited and told me they were going to check out the place.
  • They asked me if I would come along.
  • I told them that I had just returned from there.
  • Happily they went along, while I retreated into my room to study.
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