Write any five properties of magnetic field lines that are formed around a circular loops??

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Following the properties of magnetic field lines that are formed around a circular loop:-
1.) The lines of force near the circular loop are almost concentric circles. As we move radially towards the centre of the loop the concentric circles become larger and larger that is the lines of force become less and less curved.
2.)If the plane of the circular loop is held perpendicular to the magnetic meridian, the lines at the centre are always straight, parallel and perpendicular to the plane of the loop. Thus the magnetic field is uniform at the centre of the loop.
3.)The relative closeness of the lines of force gives a measure of the strength of the magnetic field ​​​​​​.
4.)Magnetic field lines never cross each other. If they do so that would mean there are two directions of the magnetic field at a point of intersection which is impossible.
5.)Magnetic lines of force are closed curves which start in the air from the north pole and end in the south pole. And the polarity of the face is given by Clock Rule. This rule gives the polarity of any face of the circular current loop. If the current round any face of the coil is in the anticlockwise direction it behaves like the North Pole. If the current flows in the clockwise direction it behaves like the South Pole.

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