write application of electrolysis in various fields

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 Applications of Electrolysis

1. Method of electrolysis is used to prepare various substances commercially, for example, chlorine by the electrolysis of a solution of common salt; hydrogen by the electrolysis of water; heavy water (deuterium oxide) for use in nuclear reactors, also by electrolysis of water.

2. Electrolysis is also used in process of electrolytic refining of metals is used to extract impurities from crude metals. By which 99.99% pure form of the crude metal is obtained. Metals such as aluminium, sodium, copper are refined by electrolysis.

3. Electrolysis is also used for electroplating is the process involving electrolysis to plate, or coat, one metal with another or a plastic with a metal. For example, bath taps are chromium plated to prevent corrosion, and at the same time are given a shiny, more attractive finish. Electroplating is also used in coating automobile parts etc.

4. Another very useful example among many applications of electrolysis is electroforming. Reproduction of objects by electro – deposition on some sort of mould is known as electroforming. A popular use of electroforming is reproduction of gramophone record discs.

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(a) In the determination of?equivalent mass.

(b) In electroplating: Here an inferior metal is coated with a superior metal to make it corrosion proof and attractive.

(c) In?electrotyping.

(d) In electro refining of the metals like Cu, Ag, Au etc.
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Application of electrolysis are as follows:-
a) electroplating
b) electro refining
c) can be used in the production of many metals and non non metals. such as Fluorine, chlorine etc.
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