Write brief character sketches of :

Ann Frank
Mr. Vann Daan
Margot Frank.
Mr. Albert Dussel

We are providing a the character sketch of Ann Frank only as the other characters are not part of this chapter. As of now, we do not answer questions related to long reading text. However, you are invited to answer the questions on your own and get back to us for feedback. 

Ann Frank has a loving family and many friends but she always feels the absence of a best friend. She has no one around her to whom she could confide. So, she decides to treat her diary as the best friend as 'paper has more patience than people'. She loves her grandmother a lot. She is quite talkative for which she gets punished by her teacher repeatedly but she completes even the extra homework with a sense of ingenuity. She was determined to give convincing arguments about necessity of talking.

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