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Write debate in motion or against Content Professors in Mathematics, English, Hindi, History and Political Science for their new campus at Panipat_ Candidates with a minimum of 5 year experience alone can apply. Excellent command of English is a must. Excellent salary for experienced persons. Those Interested may e-mail osununiversityjobs@gmail.com or mail their response to: Box no. 123, 'The Harbinger' New Delhi. 6. Write a debate either for or against the motion Hardwork, not Intelligence paves the way to success In life. (150-200 words) OR You are Ram/Rajani. Write a speech in 150-200 words on 'Importance of Morning Walk' 7. Choice of course after clearing Senior School Examination produces a great deal of stress on the minds of our students. Counselling can be of great help to them. Write an article in 150-200 words on the topic, 'Role of counselling in choice of course'. You are Ram/Rajani_ [1 01 OR You are Ram/Rajani, an N CC cadet who attended Republic Day Parade in Delhi. You study in Shyamala Public School, Salem Write a report to be published in your school magazine, in 150-200 words on Republic Day Camp g Parade. Don't forget to mention the floats and how you enjoyed the occasion.

Dear Student,
                      The solution to question 6th has been provided below.

This is an opinion based question and one must present their individual point of view for the given statement.  However, here is a sample of how an opinion with an appropriate supporting argument should be written:

. Point 1: I have heard a quote which goes like “ Talent you have naturally, skill is only developed by hours and hours of beating on your craft.”
. Point 2:If a student is intelligent, say he understands the concepts of mathematics very quickly, he will still have to work hard(maybe less than an average student) and practice the questions, because if he doesn’t he will end up making silly mistakes and may end up scoring less marks than an average student who might take longer to understand the same concept but still keeps practicing till he perfects it.

Here is a sample of how the ‘against’ argument should be written:
. Point 1: In my opinion, intelligent work or smart work is more important than slaving over a work for hours in an attempt to show that one is working hard.
. Point 2: Intelligence is an inherent quality. An average person cannot compete with a person having an IQ of 200.

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