write down the demerits and merits of diagramatic representation?

Importance or utility of Diagrams

  • Diagrams give a very clear picture of data. Even a layman can understand it very easily and in a short time.
  • We can make comparison between different samples very easily. We don't have to use any statistical technique further to compare.
  • This technique can be used universally at any place and at any time. This technique is used almost in all the subjects and other various fields.
  • Diagrams have impressive value also. Tabulated data has not much impression as compared to Diagrams. A common man is impressed easily by good diagrams.
  • This technique can be used for numerical type of statistical analysis, e.g. to locate Mean, Mode, Median or other statistical values.
  • It does not save only time and energy but also is economical. Not much money is needed to prepare even good diagrams.
  • These give us much more information as compared to tabulation. Technique of tabulation has its own limits.
  • This data is easily remembered. Diagrams which we see leave their lasting impression much more than other data techniques.
  • Data can be condensed with diagrams. A simple diagram can present what even cannot be presented by 10000 words.
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Limitations of Diagrammatic Presentation

  • Diagrams do not present the small differences properly.
  • These can easily be misused.
  • Only artist can draw multi-dimensional diagrams.
  • In statistical analysis, diagrams are of no use.
  • Diagrams are just supplement to tabulation.
  • Only a limited set of data can be presented in the form of diagram.
  • Diagrammatic presentation of data is a more time consuming process.
  • Diagrams present preliminary conclusions.
  • Diagrammatic presentation of data shows only on estimate of the actual behavior of the variables.
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