Write down the eco friendly practices that you can follow in your day-to-day life.
(Atleast one page/2sides)
Plz can u tell me how can u start writing this ans in a proper step by step way as this ans should be big...

Dear Student,

 these kinds of questions are meant to enhance creativity among the students. However some points that you should include in your answer inlcude are:
1. Reduce the use of vehicles and prefer more walk and cycle.
2. Do not throw waste material on the roads or in the water, throw them in your nearby dustbin.
3. Do not cut trees or pluck parts of the plant because they provide oxygen or fresh air to us. (preventing deforstation and doing afforestation.)
4. Proper discharge and disposal of industrial wate, by treatment of harmful chemicals.
5.  Minimizing the use of pesticides and fertilizers.
6.Conserve water by reducing its unnecessary wastage when not required.
7. Stop littering around your nearby environment and put any kind of garbage into the dustbin.
8. Use products made of recycled materials.
9. Avoid use of plastic products.Instead use products made of paper or jute which are easily biodegradable.Example- paper or jute bag.
10. Protect local water resources by reducing disposal of hazardous chemicals like paint,oil,ammonia into the ground as this may pollute the ground water through seepage.
11. Join ecological groups working for preservation of nature.
12. Educate people and spread awareness about conservation of environment and nature.

You can use these pointers to elaborate your answer with instances and experiences etc.



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Dear student,
You may start by the following steps:
1. Firstly you may discuss that what are the eco-friendly activities.
2. Now you write the daily life activities that we can change for environmental.
3. Now you write about how we can change our habits.
4. Now you discuss about the advantages of eco friendly activities.
5.you may also discuss about awaring people about it.
It may helpful to you.
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