Write down the specific guilt of Einstein and how was he punished for it??

The specific guilt of Einstein was that he told his history teacher frankly that he didn't find any use of learning facts and dates as thay could be seen in books anytime. He also told him that learning facts was not education according to him. So when his teacher told him to explain what was education as per him he began telling that he believed in finding reason behind some battle rather than remembering when and where it happened. This made his teacher angry and so he got punishment to stay after the school for an extra hour. Hope it helps...

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Chup reh
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how rude aayush??
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The History teacher got irritated. His eyes got cold and cruel. He said that he didn?t want a lecture from him. He punished Albert by making him stay in for an extra period that day. He also told him that he was a disgrace to the institution.
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