write eassy on hayagriva jayanti in hindi.

what is Hayagriva jayanti??

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Lord Hayagriva Jayanti

Hayagriva is one of the many incarnations of Lord Maha Vishnu. Hayagriva is also often termed as Hayasira. A quick translation of the word tells us that Haya means 'Horse' and Sira means headed. Hence, Hayasira means 'a person with a horse-like head'.

According to Hindu texts, Vedas were stolen by Rakshasas and Lord Hayagriva fought with them and brought them back. Ancient texts says that Hayagriva is the first person to offer Akasharabasyam to Goddess Saraswati. That is the reason why, who performs aksharabhasyam to the child before the deity of Hayagriva will flourish well in education.

About the festival

Hayagriva was born on the Sravana Poornima day. Hayagriva is a prominent deity amongst the Vaishavas and hence Hayagriva Jayanthi is an important festival for them.

The festival is also prominently observed by the student community. Popular belief is that praying to Lord Hayagriva, particularly on the Hayagriva Jayanthi day bestows all that is necessary for good education to the students. Other related benefits will be elevation on job front, improvement in public image and reputation etc., Legal disputes if any will be solved with much ease and natives would get their rightful fixed assets.

Hayagriva Strotram

The Hayagriva Strotram, picked from the Pancaratra Agamas that one can chant is:

'Jyananadamayam devam
Nirmala spatikakrutim!
Aadaram sarpavidyanam
Hayagriva Mupasmahe!!'

Prominent Hayagriva Temples

Lord Hayagriva Temples located at Masulipatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India is a popular temple for the Lord. Lord Hayagriva is the presiding deity at the Parakala Mutt, Mysore, Karnataka, India.

Hayagriva Jayanti on various years

Hayagriva Jayanti falls on the following days in the respective years:

2008: August 16 Saturday

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