write eassy on kalki jayanti in english.

Kalki Jayanti celebrates the expected arrival of Kalki, the tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Kalki Jayanti 2017 date is July 28 in India. It is believed that in Kali Yuga, the present Era, Lord Vishnu will appear for the total annihilation of evil and the establishment of ‘Dharma.’ Vishnu devotees believe it will take place on the sixth day in the bright fortnight of Shravan month.The Kalki Jyanthi is a unique observance as it celebrates the arrival of Lord Vishnu in future. It is also believed that Kalki Avatar will totally destroy the present world.Since the world has gone utterly corrupt with adharmic activities, it is believed the Kalki Avtar will bring an end to the present cycle of the universe and after a span of darkness creation will begin once again.There is also a certain section in Hindu society that believes that the avatar has already taken place. Kalki Purana narrates about the Kalki incarnation of Lord Vishnu.It is said in Bhagavad Purana that he will appear in Sambhala village.It must be noted here that all the incarnations of Lord Vishnu was not in human form and it is believed that he can appear in any form – unimaginably small to unimaginably big. So what is going to appear in Sambhala Village can be a ‘virus’ that might wipe out the entire human race similar to what happened to Dinosaurs.Kalki is usually depicted riding a horse with a drawn sword. Lightning, thunder, heavy rain and harsh sun are frequently associated with this avatar. Symbolically, the ancient seers are indicating the destruction of Nature, which sustains life or a method Nature might use in its eternal flow to annihilate unwanted elements, which unfortunately is the human beings.

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