write eassy on polala amavasya in hindi.

Polala Amavasya

Polala amavasya- is an important vratham dedicated to Goddess Poleramma, observed on Sravana amavasya (no moon day). Poleramma is the local deity. This vratham is mainly observed in Andhra Pradesh and some parts of Karnataka. North Indians celebrate as Pithori amavasya and Maharashtrians as Pola.

Goddess Poleramma is known as the protector of children. Every year, offering prayers to Poleramma coincides on the amavasya day and hence the vratham is called Polala amavasya. Symbolically Goddess is worshiped in the form of  “kanda mokka” (suran or yam shrub) or “kanda dumpa”(suran or yam bulb). Women perform puja and raksha thoranam (sacred thread) is also worshipped during the puja. According to vrata texts, by performing this vrata, one can safe guard their children from the clutches of death. Women tie the sacred thread to her children after reading the story about a mother who prayed Poleramma to help bring back her dead young children. For the welfare of the male children fried sweet balls of chana dal and jaggery are made, for the welfare of female children urad dal vadas are made and offered to Goddess Poleramma.

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