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Doing good to the good is good; but doing good to the bad is better. Doing good is like sowing the seeds of heaven. Doing good creates a chain reaction of many more good things. It makes the doer feel good. Jesus in his gospel to mankind taught his disciples to do good unto even enemies. Every ordinary person does good to those who good to him; but only great people do good to even those who do bad to them.

Wise people say, ‘Actions speak louder than words.’ A man is known by his actions. People who are great, their actions are always great. On the other hand ordinary people act ordinarily; and villains act evilly. Our deeds are the fruit of the tree of our character.  

All great men and women of all climes and times have been men of great and good deeds. Jesus Christ, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Yogananda, Vivekanada, Bhagat Puran Singh, Tagore, etc. became great because of their good deeds!

If each human being starts doing good to all, this world will become a paradise. All wars, conflicts, in the world will stop. The rich will help the poor; the strong will help the weak; the intelligent will help the less intelligent.

Doing good has the possibility and hope to solve all problems of mankind. So, in place of doing good to the good, good should be done to all people.
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