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The day begins with a recital of Sanskrit hymns, in community puja pandals, as thousands of devotees offer anjali to the goddess. Kumari Puja, or the worship of little girls as the child goddess, was a special part of the rituals observed in a number of traditional and household pujas. As the day continues, it is time for the important Sandhi Puja, which marks the inter-linking of the Maha Ashtami and Maha Navami. In recent times the Pani-Kakharu (White Pumpkin) sacrifice replaced animal sacrifice in various parts of the state. The Oriya women of western Odisha and adjoining Chhattisgarh celebrate Bhaijiutia on the Mahastami Day of Durga Puja. It is a total fast undertaken by women for the whole day and night to seek Goddess Durga's blessing for the long life of their bhais (brothers).


This is the concluding day of Durga Puja. The main Navami Puja begins after the end of Sandhi Puja. The Navami Bhog consisting fish is offered to the goddess. This is later partaken of as prasad[clarification needed] by the devotees. In the day of Navami the Oriya households organise Navami Bhoji (Navami feast) and invite friends, relatives. In this day they prepare typical Oriya delicasies (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items).

Vijaya Dashami or Dussehra[edit]

After the three days of Puja, in Dashami, on the last day, after the last ritual Aparajita Puja is offered to the Goddess, a tearful farewell is offered to her. The women offer Dahi-Pakhal (cooked rice soaked in water and curd), Pitha (baked cake), Mitha (sweets) and Fish fry to the goddess. Most of the community pujas prolong the farewell as long as possible, and arrange a grand send-off. The images are carried in processions known as Bhasani Jatra or Bisarjan Jatra around the locality and finally are immersed in a nearby river or lake. Vijoya Dashami is an event celebrated all over India. After the immersion of the idol, people across the state celebrate "Ravan Podi" (they burn the huge idol of Demon Ravana)

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