Write notes on plants and animals as sources of food

Plants as food source:
The food products obtained from the plants are very important for a healthy body. Some of the major food products obtained from plants include vegetables, fruits, pulses, rice, wheat, etc. All of these food items are included in the daily diet of a person. These food products are extremely rich in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, etc.

Animals as food source:
The food products obtained from animals include eggs, meat, milk, honey, etc. Lean meat is highly rich in proteins and is consumed by people who are into body building. Milk is very important food product which is considered as a complete food as it provided almost all the nutrients to the body.

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Everyday,  we  normally  eat  atleast  1  egg.  And,  sometimes,  we  eat  chicken  too.  But,  where  are  these  coming  from?  They  are  obtained  from  animals.  And,  we  also  eat  vegetables.  These  comes  from  plants.  So,  plants  and  animals  are  the  sources  of  food  for  us.  But,  we  know  that  the  world  population  is  increasing  manyfold  nowadays.  So,  how  can  we  provide  sufficient  food  to  these  population?  For  that,  regular  production,  distribution  and  management  of  food  resources  are  necessary.  Thus,  animals  and  plants  are  the  sources  of  food  for  us.

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