write short note on manorial estates

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a. Manorial estate basically represented the social and economic system that existed in mediaeval Europe Feudal society.
b. It was the Lord house  known as the Manor house ,who exercised complete control and authority over the peasants villages in his estate.
c. Manorial estates were self sufficient estates, it represented division of land into estates headed by the Lord.
d. These estates had within themselves, peasants who tilled the land, carpenters, blacksmiths, â€‹stone masons.
e. The land remained under the control of the Lord  who rented it to the tiller and received dues.
f. The Lord also exercised military and administrative power oiver thre estates.
g. These estates, had forests, pastures within them.
h, There also existed castles  where knights stayed and which were administrative hubs.
i. There also existed church within the estates.


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