write speech on the topic who is an ideal student

The question is to test your creative thought and writing ability. Please make use of the points given below to construct your creative piece.

an ideal student respect her/his teacher and stays forever thankful

an ideal student must always be ready to learn

knowledge does not end in the classroom-- an ideal student must look for opportunities to learn from everything and everyone

an ideal student never thinks she/he knows enough--there is no end to learning and knowledgean ideal student accepts the truth that one is a student for life--for learning never ceasesHope this helps. Best.

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An Ideal StudentStudents are the future hope of the country. A student is like clay which can be moulded into any shape. Hence, it is very necessary that the students should be brought up and taught in the right ways. The environment of society is responsible for shaping the character of students.Discipline is the foremost quality of a student; lie has to live in accordance with the strict rules of conduct arid discipline. This is the time of life when the foundation of character is laid. A student without a sense of discipline is like a ship without a rudder. 'He should be obedient and cautious. He should be humble and simple He should respect his elders and gain knowledge so that he may become a good citizen. A good student should be studious. He should not only study, but also let others study. For this, he will have to be law-abiding. He should spend a lot of his precious time in acquiring knowledge. An ideal student develops the habit of reading good books in order to widen his mentalESSAY WRITING - SPEECH TOPICS - SHORT STORY - ESSAY TOPICS- ESSAY WRITING TOPICS SHORT STORIES BEST QUOTES ENGLISH PROVERBS PROVERB EXPANSION WISE SAYINGS FAMOUS QUOTES - POEMS FOR KIDS STORYTELLING -INSPIRATIONAL STORIES - PARAGRAPH WRITING - DEBATE TOPICS - MOTIVATIONAL STORIES - KIDS STORIES - DISCUSSION TOPICSwww.newspeechtopics.comhorizon. Students are the citizens of tomorrow. It is very necessary for they be strong and healthy. The honour of a country cannot be saved unless it has strong citizens. To keep himself healthy, a student must take part in games and extracurricular activities.

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An ideal student is someone who is thirsty for knowledge. Such a student will not be distracted in class. After all that is what every teacher desires.


This thirst for knowledge will ensure that she is attentive and is committed to learn all that she can about a particular subject so that she can understand it fully. An ideal student will also have certain other distinguishing qualities. She will have well – defined goals in life and her effort will be to do whatever it takes to achieve these goals. For instance, if you ask her what she aspires to be, she will have a ready answer. And she will have a good reason for what she aspires to be. She will also have a clear vision of what is necessary to attain her goal.

An ideal student will respect her teachers but will not be afraid of them. She will have the courage to admit her ignorance and ask for advice and direction if she needs it. She will not be the kind of person who accepts things blindly and learns by rote. She will try to grasp concepts and if she finds it difficult, will have the confidence to approach her teachers for more information.

She will be active in many things for she understands that one should have a well – rounded personality. She will have character more than anything else for it is character that makes a person’s destiny. She will compete only with herself and if someone seeks her help in class, will show no hesitation in giving it. An ideal student will observe discipline. She will be punctual and properly dressed.

She will not absent herself from class for silly reasons and will do her homework daily. She will be neat and tidy and observe decorum in class.

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