write the advantages and disadvantages of microorganisms.

They are also used in cleaning up of the environment. For example, the organic wastes (vegetable peels, remains of animals, faeces, etc.) are broken down into harmless and usable substances by bacteria. bacteria are also used in the preparation of medicines. In agriculture they are used to increase soil fertility by fixing nitrogen.Bacteria are also involved in the making of cheese, pickles and many other food items.Thus, microorganisms can be used to degrade the harmful and smelly substances and thereby clean up the environment.

Some of the microorganisms cause diseases in human beings, plants and animals.Some microorganisms spoil food, clothing and leather.  anthrax is a dangerous human and cattle disease caused by a bacterium. Food poisoning could be due to the consumption of food spoilt by some microorganisms. Microorganisms that grow on our food sometimes produce toxic substances.


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