Write the answers within 30-40 words: (2 marks)
1. Why did Matilda not like to visit her rich friend?
2. Mr. Loisel is a loving and caring husband. Do you agree? Give examples to support your answer.
3. Do you think Matilda could have saved herself from her ruin? Give reasons in support of your answer
. 4. Why was Madame Forestier shocked to hear Matilda's story?
5. What ordeals did the Loisels go through to return Madame Forestier's necklace?

Long answer type questions: (5 marks)
1. A little confession would have changed the life of Matilda. Do you agree with the statement? Give your arguments.
2. Our inability to accept our circumstances may lad to an unhappy life. Explain with reference to the story "The Necklace".


Dear student,
1. Matilda was married to a middle-class man. She did not have the luxuries of life like she imagined herself to be born for. She believed that she deserved better. Her friend was rich and she did not like visiting her friend because it reminded her of all the things she didn't have in life. Hence, she felt envious of them and felt humiliated in their presence.

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