Write the character sketch of :
(a) Lencho
(b) The Postmaster

Dear student,

Lencho’s Character sketch:
Lencho was a hardworking farmer who had immense faith in God. He had sown corn in his field and was waiting for the rains, but when the rains came it turned into a storm. This storm destroyed his entire crop. But, he did not lose hope and was sure that God would help him out. He wrote a letter to God seeking his help for money, he asked him for 100 pesos. When he received 70 pesos he again wrote to God and asked him for more money, this reflects his devotion towards God.
Postmaster’s character sketch:
The postmaster was kind and compassionate man. He understands the depth of the immense faith Lencho has in God. And is amazed by how much faith Lencho has in God. Being a good natured person, he collects money from his colleagues and sends it to Lencho, so as not to weaken Lencho’s faith in God. This shows that the postmaster is an empathetic human being who is able to comprehend the feelings of a human being.


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