write the character sketch of evelyn glennie?

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Evelyn was a determined and hardworking girl. With her rock strong will power she overcame the obstacle that was presented by Nature. In childhood she lost her hearing capabilities gradually. At the age of eleven year, her hearing power was severely damaged. In spite of her handicap she did not want to give up. She took music as her passion. Her teachers discouraged her but percussionist Ron Forbes guided her. She joined a three year course at Royal Academy of Music. She captured most of top awards at theRoyalAcademy. She is the worlds most sought multiplayer of drums and tables. She is the shining example of determination.

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Glennie was born and raised in Aberdeenshire. Her father was Herbert Arthur Glennie, an accordionist in a Scottish country dance band, and the strong, indigenous musical traditions of north-east Scotland were important in the development of the young musician, whose first instruments were the mouth organ and the clarinet. Other major influences were Glenn Gould, Jacqueline du Pré and Trilok Gurtu. She studied at Ellon Academy and the Royal Academy of Music, and was also a member of the National Youth Orchestra of Scotland. She was a member of the Cults Percussion Ensemble, formed in 1976 by local musical educator Ron Forbes. They toured and recorded one album, which was re-released on Trunk Records in 2012.[2]
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