Write the character sketch of Griffen.

Griffin is a medical student who is not very popular. He is an albino and although he gets a medal in Chemistry, he leaves the medical college. He studies physics and stumbles upon the formula to make bodies invisible. He has no money to buy the equipments and so he robs his own father. He has no compassion in his personality and does not feel any pity for his father even when he commits suicide. The cruel streak in him makes him perform the experiment on a cat and then turn it out of his room when it is hungry. He is very selfish and burns down the house where he had been living just to keep his secret safe. He tries to kill an old shopkeeper while stealing from his shop. He is very short tempered and self - centred and does not hesitate in hurting others. He wants to establish a reign of terror with the help of Dr Kemp who is an old classmate of Griffin. He plans to rob and kill mercilessly so that he could live a comfortable life. Griffin is a very cruel and unreasonable man who is killed in the end due to his own greed.

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