write the character sketch of mr.griffin with introduction and conclusion

Dear student 
Griffin was the lead character and was an albino. He had flaws and great qualities. He had no conscience and was callous towards other people and was also self centred.  All his actions were a result of his desire to save himself. H had no care and sympathy and did many mean things in the novel.He continued experiments even after having a loss of money. He robbed his very own father who committed suicide because the money was not his yet he blamed his father for being too sentimental. He experimented on a  cat even when it felt pain. He burnt down the house at Great Portland Street when the landlord and his sons found about his experiments. He only cared about covering his trial. Even after became invisible he continued with brutal acts simple because he enjoyed doing. The way he struck the old man from the costume shop at his head showed how inhumane he was. He terrorised Marvel when he was on the run, he fought with the policemen too. He planned to spread a reign of terror using his power of invisibility really shocked Dr. Kemp. 
He was an inhuman selfish man who only cared about himself.


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