Write the character sketch of the following :- (a) The young seagull and (b) The pilot of old Dakota plane

The young seagull was very hungry . It was this hunger that ultimately compelled it to fly. Its hunger only intensified when it saw its mother tearing at a piece of fish that lay at her feet. It cried to her, begging her to get some food. When its mother came towards it with food in her beak, it screamed with joy and anticipation. However, she stopped midway. It wondered why she did not come nearer. Not being able to resist or control its hunger any longer, it dived at the food in its mother’s beak. At that moment, his hunger overpowered his fear of the great expanse of sea beneath the cliff. Finally, this plunge was followed by the natural reaction of its body, i.e., to fly.

The Pilot of the old Dakota plane had taken a risk of flying through the thick black clouds in order to reach his family in time and be able to celebrate the Christmas with them. He was lost and couldn't find a way out. Just then a plane came his way and he was assisted to land safely. After landing, the narrator was not sorry to walk away from the old Dakota because he had a horrific and scary experience flying that plane. He was happy that he had landed the plane safely. That is why he was not sorry to walk away. Instead, he wanted to know where he was and who the other pilot was.


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the young seagull​ a baby seagull which has to learn to fly. For most of the birds, learning to fly is taken for granted but we seldom think the mental agony which the bird may have to go through while doing so. This short story beautifully depicts the situation. The parents and siblings of the baby seagull apply all the tricks to cajole and force it to fly. Finally, the baby seagull succeeds in overcoming its fear and learns to fly.
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