Write the character sketch of the following :- Wanda Petronski, Peggy and Maddie from "the hundred dresses"

Dear student,

Wanda was a shy and a quite girl who did not speak much. She tend to keep to herself, but she was a beautiful artist. She even won the contest where she sketched a hundred lovely dresses. She continuously teased by her classmates on account of her poverty.

Maddie and Peggy both sat at the front in class with students who scored good marks. There is a bit of teasing streak in both. They often waited together for Wanda to have fun with her. However, they are not cruel by nature. They treat this practice of teasing Wanda as a game. Peggy, in fact protected small children from bullies but could not realise that she herself was being a bully. Maddie often wondered at the futility of asking the same question from Wanda everyday. But, they continued because it was great fun for them to do so.

Maddie on the otehr hand was more outspoken, though she did join in the teasing of Wanda, and make fun of her dresses etc, she was not too happy with the way Wanda was treated by Peggy, because Maddie herself came from a poor background. Maddie was afraid that one day Peggie would find out and tease her too, she was like a slave to Peggy. She wanted Peggy to stop teasing Wanda, but she was afraid that Peggy would be offended. Even though, Maggie did make fun of Wanda she did not like doing it, she was only following what Peggy did, she did feel bad for Wanda.


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