Write the character sketch of Valii and the bus conductor. (madam rides the bus)

Dear student,

Valliammai was a cheerful girl of eight years. Curiosity about the things surrounding her made way towards gaining the worldly knowledge. Though quite young, she understood the importance of being mature. She was fascinated by the view of the town yet she did not get down the bus in her temptation. She even refused an offer of free cold drink from the conductor. Already a bit more mature than her age, she understood the mystery of life and death through her first ride on the bus. She realised that in a short span of time, people/ creatures that looked so lively a moment ago are snatched away by death. She was a mature girl when she began her ride but she actually returned as a mature lady.  

The conductor was a fun loving and jovial person.He was helping and kind to Valli but also poked fun at her over confident attitude. The conductor mimicked Valli's tone and instructed her to feel comfortable. The conductor was concerned about the girl and asked her if her mother would be looking for her.


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