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The joint forest management (JFM) were overwhelmed despite by the best efforts of the forest department, the baffled S.a.l forest of Ar.abari in in Midnapore district could not be regenerated. Then came to the rescue was forest officer Dr. A.K. Banerjee who was allowed to seek participation of villagers in regeneration on employment cummative share basis (a scheme to boost the regenerative efforts or a project to make the forest public again). Within a few years, by 1983, Arabari forest had been revived. Buoyed by this success, the Government of India introduced the concept of Joint Forest Management (JFM) in the early 1980s. From then on, the local communities have been involved in protection and management of forests for which the communities get benefit of various forest products like fruits, gum, rubber, medicine, etc.
So in all Honorable Dr. A.K. Banerjee was a revolution in forest management after all.

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