Write the different meanings and usage of each of the following phrasal verbs in different sentences:

  • Burn out
  • Light up
  • Look on
  • Run out
  • Keep out

Give at - least three different meanings of each word. ​​

{Please don't ask me to consult a dictionary for this, as I was confused through the meanings in the dictionary}

Burn out     a. The workers felt extreme burn out after a full day of work. (fatigue)
                   b. The fire burnt out due to lack of fuel. (dies out)
                    c. The clutch of the car burnt out. (got damaged)
Light up   a. The sky was lit up by the meteor shower. (brightened)
                 b. Her face lit up with the good news. (show happiness)
                 c. They all lit up as the manager left the room. (light a cigarette)
Look on    a. I look on him as my mentor. (consider)\
                 b. I looked on as the band performed. (see without being involved)
                 c. I look down on people who tell lies. (disapprove)
Run out   a. My contract runs out nest week. (stop being legal)
               b. His time has run out. (finished)
               c. The batsman was declared run out. (a way of getting out in cricket)
keep out    a. Cars should be kept out of busy markets. (stop from entering)
                 b. Keep out the cold by lighting a fire. (Prevent)
This phrasal verb has two usages only.

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