Write the features of the nazi state.

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Nazi state came to be regarded as the criminal state:

a.  Nazis after coming to power laid the foundation of a totalitarian state, the first decree was passed, which  suspended civic rights like freedom of speech, press and assembly granted by the Weimar constitution.
b. Hitler immediately deported communist to concentration camps.
c. In an attempt to ensure political stability he laid the foundation of a totalitarian state dismantling all democratic structures, the enabling act can be seen in this context
d. He created a strong security force and surveillance to ensure order in the society.The police and the security forces acquired extra constitutional powers.The forces deported people to torture chambers and to concentration camps and arrested people without following any legal procedures.
e. Hitler created  a secret police, criminal police etc along with the regular police force to deal with state enemies.
f. Massive propaganda was carried out  against the Jews with the Nazis's racial policy declaring Germans as pure Aryan race and considering Jews as undesirables. Nazi state sought to indoctrinate people and the youth of the country by controlling media, schools and entire education system which was aimed at glorifying Nazi ideology.


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