write the geographical condition requried for the cultivation of rice and tea.

or Explain rice or wheat cultivation in india under the following heads (a)temperature (b)climate (c)major producing areas.

Following are the climatic conditions ans producing areas of wheat and rice:
Crop Temperature Precipitation Sowing month Harvesting month Soil Areas
Rice 210-370C 120-140 cm Kharif season- June. 
Rabi/Winter-October – November. 
In summer season the crop is sown during first fortnight of March.
kharif season- October-Nov. 
Rabi/Winter season-April-May. 
In Summer season the crop is harvested during June-July. 
Heavy to sandy loam West Bengal, Haryana, Bihar,Andhra Pradesh, U.P., Punjab, 
Odisha, Chattisgarh, Karnataka
Wheat(winter spring and spring planted wheat) 21° to 24° C 31 to 38 cm Sep -Dec Feb.-May Well drained loam or clayey soil U.P.,Punjab,Haryana, 

Uttranchal,West Bengal

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  1. it requires 25 degree celcious
  2. it requires high temperature and high humidity
  3. UP,bihar,punjab,etc.


  1. it requires more than 25 degree celcious
  2. it requires frost free,warm and moist climate whole year.
  3. assam ,WB,hills of darjeeling.

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