write the given formula by criss cross method
  1. sodium chloride
  2. magnesium oxide
  3. lead nitrate
  4. ferrous sulphate
  5. calcium carbonate
  6. aluminium phoshate
  7. ammonium hydroxide
  8. magnesium hydrogen carbonate
  9. silver iodine
  10. zinc sulphide
  11. manganese sulphite
  12. aluminium nitrate
  13. iron3 sulphite
  14. ammonium bicarbonate
  15. hydrogen sulphide

In criss cross method, the oxidation number of first ion becomes the subscript of the second ion. It is then divided by the common factor e.g. if both have 2 as oxidation number, then it becomes 1 for each.

The formulas are as follows:

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