Write the importance of bacterium Thermus aquaticus in polymerase chain reaction.

Taq polymerase importance in PCR
Taq DNA polymerase is an enzyme isolated from Thermus aquaticus . This extends the primers using the nucleotides provided in the reaction and the genomic DNA as template.
If the process of replication of DNA is repeated many times , the segment of DNA can be amplified approximately to billion times.
such repeated amplification is achieved by thermostable DNA polymerase which remains active during high temperature induced denaturation of double stranded DNA. 

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Taq polymerase is obtained from the bacterium Thermus aquaticus. The enzyme is thermostable and can withstand the high temperature used for denaturation and separation of the two strands of DNA in PCR. Desired gene can be amplified to produce even a billion copy of DNA. Thermus aquaticus, a bacterium yields DNA polymerase used in PCR in recombinant DNA technology.
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