Write the importance of each life procesess in human beings. Which organs are associated with each of them.

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Life processes are all the basic actions and functions performed by living beings that are essential for their survival. They are important because they are required to fulfill all the basic requirements of the body like nutrition, energy needs, excretion, circulation of materials, etc. 

  • Nutrition: It is important as it helps in obtaining energy from various sources. The buccal cavity is involved in the process of taking in food. In plants, food is produced in the leaves by the process of photosynthesis.
  • Transportation: It is necessary as it helps every nutrient to reach each and every cell of the body. In human beings, the circulatory system comprising of heart, blood, and blood vessels is involved in the transportation of nutrients. In plants, it is done by xylem and phloem.
  • Metabolism: It involves both breakdown of molecules in order to obtain energy and the synthesis of components needed by the cells. The digestive system of our body (digestive glands and enzymes) is associated with metabolism.
  • Respiration: It is essential as it helps in the exchange of gases. Lungs are the organs of respiration in human beings. In plants, stomata perform this function.
  • Reproduction: It is important for the continuation of generations of various species on earth. Gamete cells are involved in the process of reproduction in human beings. Plants reproduce both sexually (using gametes) as well as asexually.
  • Excretion: It is important for the removal of toxic waste from the body. The organ involved in excretion is the kidneys. In plants, this process is achieved through transpiration, shedding of dead leaves, photosynthesis (oxygen released), etc. 
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