Write the IUPAC name as well as Structure formula for :

1) Isopropane




IUPAC name: 2-Methylpropane

2. Various structural isomers of alkanes are distinguished by the use of prefixes n-(normal),iso-, and neo-.So, isopropane would most likely to be the structural isomer of propane but due to its linear structure, it does not form iso and neo isomers. Therefore, isopropane does not exist.

  CH3 – CH2 – CH3


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 dear rohan.,,

iso propane is not possible.

isobutane= 2-methylpropane 

structure = Three carbons in a single line and one carbon attached to the 2nd carbon of the line. (put the hydrogens to satify barbon's valency yourself)

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thanks Taruna ma'am,...i got it

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