write the IUPAC names of the coordination compounds [Cr(NH3)3Cl3] and [CoBr2(en)2]+

[Cr(NH3)3Cl3] - Triammino trichlorido chromate (III)

[CoBr2(en)2]+ - â€‹Dibromido bis(ethylenediamine) chromate (III)

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triammino trichlorido chromate (III)    dibromido bis(ethylenediamine) chromate (III)
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triammine trichlorido chromium (|||).
dibromido bis(ethane-1,2 diamine) cobalt(||).

hope this is correct ..i m not sure ..
experts please reply
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Triammonia trichlorido chromium(3+c).    ('c' is the charge on the complex and if it's a anion just replace chromium with chromate)
dibromido bis(ethane-1,2-diamine) cobalt(III)
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