write the life of the natives of australia under the european settlers

During the period of European colonisation, the condition of the native population of Australia was very harsh. The European settlers regarded Europe as  Terra Nullius. Under this policy, the rights of the native population of Australia over land and other natural resources was not recognized. Instead, such land was expropriated by the Europeans. The natives were forcefully evicted from their land leading to violence and death of a lot of native people. Deprived of their traditional sources of food and livelihood, many native Australians started working as labourers in farms owned by Europeans. 

An even bigger cause of death of the native people was their exposure to new diseases like â€‹chickenpoxsmallpoxinfluenza and measles which were brought by the Europeans and against which the natives had no immunity. 

As a consequence of diseases and loss of control over their resources, native Australians could not continue their traditional ways of life. Many native Australians died. It was only in remote desert and tropical rainforest areas that native Australians could continue their old ways of life.

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