​​Write the meanings of the following idioms.
  1. at/from neighbourhood quarters
  2. begin into a smile
  3. continue on
  4. have a fair image
  5. search about the bush
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Dear Student,

1. This idiom means 'in close proximity or in a confined space'
Eg. We were put at neighbourhood quarters while we worked at that office.

2. It means to subtly change from a serious facial expression into a smile, though hesitantly.
Eg. He began into a smile on hearing the end of the story.

3. It means to keep doing something in the same way as before
Eg. His mom told him to call it a day, but he continued on.

4. It means to be known to be just and reasonable 
Eg. She has a fair image among her team members.

5. It means to talk in an indirect manner in order to avoid embarrassing or difficult topics of conversation
Eg. He searched around the bush when asked about his job.


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