Write the meanings of the following idioms

Dear Student,

1. If someone pokes his/her nose into something, he/she tries to interfere with it even though it does not concern him/her.
It means something to be highly enjoyable, desirable, or impressive, especially in a fancy or elaborate way.
3. It means
to reveal something that was meant to be a secret.
4. It means to
put maximum amount of effort to do something.
5. It means to
sell very quickly.
6. It means to
work in a satisfactory manner.



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Here are the answers:
1.  Poke your nose into something to intentionally try to find information or get involved in something that is private
2. The height of perfection.
3. To tell someone a secret or tell information before you were supposed to.
4. Used in a context to describe hard work and great effort.
5. Means to sell quickly and in large quantities.
6. To be sufficient for something
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