write the name of four metals and non metals with their physical and chemical propertiesand their uses.

experts or anyone else answer it quickly

Four metals are:- aluminium, silver, tin and iron.

use of aluminium is that, it's alloy duralumin is helpful in making aeroplanne , automobile etc

use of silver is that, it is used in making solar panel.

use of tin is that it's alloy solder is used is used for soldering broken parts

use of iron is that, it's alloy alnico is used to to make permanent magnets.


characteristics of metals are

1. solid at room temperature.

2. metals have shiny surface

3. are  very hard

4. good conducters of heat and electricity.


chemical properties are:-

1.metals are generally basic in nature.

2. are electropositive.

3. compounds are mostly ionic in nature.

4. act as reducing agents.

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four nonmetals are:-  phosphorus, nitrogen , sulphur and oxygen.

physical and chemical properties of non metals are just opposite to that of metals. so this u can frame from the above answer......

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