Write the name of separation techniques used to separate solid to solid , solid to liquid and liquid to liquid .

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Solids and solids can be separated by sublimation. If one of the given solids is volatile, it will sublime leaving us behind with the other solid as in the case of solid and camphor. In case we have a mixture of solids like sand and pebbles, we can simply use a seive to separate things out.

For separation of solid to liquid, if the solid does not dissolve, we can use processes like sedimentation and filtration. In sedimentation we simple let the mixture stand for a while and later filter it using a filter paper. If the solid is dissolved in the liquid, we could use techniques like evaporation. For purification of salts, we use crystallisation. 

To separate liquid from liquid, we use distillation in case of miscible liquids which works on the principle of boiling points. For immiscible liquids such as oil and water, we can simply allow the mixture to sit for a while till the layers from and filter these out.



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