write the reasons and consequenses of deforestation

Reasons for deforestation:

a) Building roads, towns, cities and residencies

b) Industrial set up

c) Cutting trees as raw material for food, shelter etc

d) Bridges and expressways development


Consequences of deforestation:

a) Ecological imbalance

b) loss of habitat for wildlife

c) Soil and water pollution

d) Greenhouse effect and global warming

e) Climatic changes

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Causes of deforestation are-

1) Forest fire 2) severe droughts 3) Soil erosion 4) Flood 5) Desertification

Consequences of deforestation -

1) Deforestation increase the temperature and pollution level of the earth.

2) It increases the level of carbondioxide in the atmosphere.

3) Groundwater level also get lowered.

4) There are increased demand of natural calamities such as flood and drought.

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