write the structures of aldehydes that are obtained on ozonolysis of[1]but-1-ene[2]but-2-ene?

a) But-1-ene on ozonolysis givesCH3CH2CH=CH2 + O3CH3CH2CH=O + HCHOBut-1-ene                                 Propanal               Formaldehydeb) But-2-ene on ozonolysis givesCH3CH=CH-CH3 + O3CH3CH=O + CH3CH=O But-2-ene                                Ethanal                Ethanal   

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1. From But-1-ene we obtain two aldehydes on Ozonolysis :-
a. Methanal
b. Propanal

2.From But-2-ene we obtain two aldehydes on Ozonolysis :-
a. Ethanal
b. Ethanal

NOTE - During ozonolysis , the alkene splits from the bond where double bond are present.

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Step 1:
The π electrons act as the nucleophile, attacking the ozone at the electrophilic terminal O. A second C-O is formed by the nucleophilic O attacking the other end of the C=C.   Step 2:
The cyclic species called the malozonide rearranges to the ozonide.  Step 3:
The ozonide decomposes on  work-up. Reductive work-up with (usually Zn / acetic acid) gives the two carbonyl groups.
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