Write the summary of the poem the ant and the cricket on the basis of these three sentences.-
1.Do hard work.
2.Never borrow never lend.
3.Do not depend on others.

This poem is based on a fable of an ant and a cricket. A fable often features animals as characters of a story that has a moral. This poem conveys the importance of hard work and the consequences of being idle and whiling away time.
There was a young Cricket who sang throughout the bright, happy months of summer and spring. He started complaining when he found that his cupboard was empty of food. Winter had come and he could not find even a small crumb of food on the ground. It was all covered with snow. He could see neither a flower nor a single leaf on any tree. He lamented as to what would happen to him.
Finally, as he was all wet and shivering with cold and had eaten nothing, he gathered enough courage to approach the miserly Ant.  He pleaded with him to give him a little grain to feed himself and a place to shelter himself from the rain. He would return all that he borrowed later. If the Ant did not help him now, he would die of hunger and sorrow.
The wise Ant replied that he was the Cricket’s friend and servant, but the ants never borrowed or lent anything. Then he asked the Cricket if he had saved no food for the severe winter in the better, warmer weather of previous months. The Cricket told the Ant that he had played and sang when nature looked beautiful as it had made him very happy. The Ant sarcastically told the Cricket to ‘dance away’ the cold and harsh winter. He turned the Cricket out of his house.
Some people believe this is a fable. The poet believes it is true- one can find crickets not only with four legs but also two. He means that there are lazy people like the Cricket.

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