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Ratan Sam , asked a question
Subject: English , asked on 8/2/15

Write the summary of the story The Ailing Planet:the Green Movement's Role

Madhu , added an answer, on 31/10/12
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Our Earth is a living organism–an enormous being, of which we are parts. This is our planet, its destruction will make us all homeless. We are dependent on Earth and not the other way round. However, the thankless creature,man, is unconcerned about the dangers that pose threats to our survival. The article by Nani Palkhivala deals with the concerns of the environmentalists at this eleventh hour and talks about the new awareness that has dawned upon our race. A holistic and ecological view of the world has been brought into consideration. The Green Movement launched in 1972 has never looked back. There is a growing need of sustainable development, which was popularised by World Commission on Environment and Development in 1987.

Man is the most dangerous creature, as it was declared by a Zoo in Lusaka, Zambia. Human beings are taking too much time to realise the need of the hour. One of the members of Brandt Commission, Mr.L.K.Jha, raised a vital question, “are we to leave our successors a scorched planet of advancing deserts, impoverished landscapes and ailing environment?” Mr. Lester R. Brown expressed his worry over the fact that our four biological systems are reaching an unsustainable level. The tropical forests, “the powerhouse of evolution”, as Dr. Meyers called them, are being destroyed causing extinction of several species.

The fear hovers, what if the words, “forests precede mankind and deserts follow”, come true. And the reality is that India is losing its forests at the rate of 3.7 million acres a year. The Article 48A of the Indian Constitution provides that the State shall endeavour to protect and improve the environment and safeguard the forest and wildlife of the country. To conserve the environment and to bring down the population of the world, which is 5.7 billion, Palkhivala suggests that development is the only solution. Fertility falls as the income rises, education spreads, and health improves. Nani supports compulsory sterilisation and defends it by saying that there is no other alternative but coercion.

The population of India today is 920 million, which is more than the entire population of Africa and South America. What is happening today is that rich are getting richer and poor are begetting children, which begets them to remain poor. Now the folks have realised what endangers our race. It is not about the survival of human race but the survival of the planet Earth.

It is an Era of Responsibility. The industrialists have to understand the present concern with most consideration. The view of the Chairman of Du Pont, Mr. Edgar S. Woolard is much appreciable, “Our continued existence as a leading manufacturer requires that we excel in environmental performance.” Let us be grateful to mother nature and keep Margaret Thatcher's felicitous words, “No generation has a freehold on this earth. All we have is a life tenancy– with a full repairing lease”. In the words of Mr. Lester Brown, “We have not inherited this earth from our forefathers; we have borrowed it from our children.”

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Saurabh Ranjan , added an answer, on 5/10/12
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The green movement’s role: the ailing planet


The green movement’s role in reconstruction of this ailed planet is discussed in the chapter ‘THE AILING PLANET: GREEN MOVEMENT’S ROLE’ in English textbook of class x1.since it is just an article from The Indian Express published on1994 November 24. For the sustainable development of ‘world’s most dangerous animal’ man, he had exploited the nature a lot. It is more than a lot truly. Since nature is the raw material for all our needs, we will be living in an ailed planet soon if the nature is destructed like this. Fire wood was the main fuel in the early 90’s. That is the main reason for the deforestation in those days. In this program we are presenting you awareness about what will be tomorrow if earth roll like this.

Today our scientists are going too deep into the solutions of the problems based on the topic environment. Now the problems caused by deforestation had reduced a huge amount because of the reduction in the usage of firewood. In our chapter nani pakhiwala describe about the problems which will cause in future due to exploitation of nature. Now in 2009 we are facing a lot of problems disasters etc… due to over exploitation of the natural resources. I am going to explain a lot about the problems forming and will going to form. We are facing so many problems; even then we are trying to solve them.


Global warming is one of the top problems faced by our world. We were studying about this global warming from 4th standard itself. The whole earth is under threat because of this global warming. What is the cause of it? The pollution made by the man kind is the main reason for global warming. The carbon dioxide produced by vehicles, fire wood etc…. and reaction of carbon contents and combustion of plastics etc….Since carbon dioxide is less dense than air, it covers the top most portion of the atmosphere. The heat radiation from the sun reaches earth and reflects back the excess of heat by earth’s crust. This layer of carbon dioxide does not allow heat energy to escape from the earth’s atmosphere which results in rise of temperature irresistibly. Then the aftereffects are skin burns, water drought, drying of plants and dehydration. As an inference it is due to high air pollution.

What can we do for solving this? This is the question which makes us think of the future. Here we are showing you the steps to be taken and already took by various institutions. First of all we have stop polluting air. Use biodegradable products instead of today’s plastics other artificial polymers like polythene. Check pollution stats of your vehicle frequently. Reduce the use of fuel like gasoline, ethanol, petrol, diesel etc…. and use fuels like hydrogen, electricity, LPG, marsh gas etc. stop cutting up of woods, Let’s start afforestation. Now it is time to make up decision.

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Saurabh Ranjan , added an answer, on 5/10/12
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this is copied but i think it helped u

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Siddhant Bhatt , added an answer, on 3/3/13

 awesome answer (y)

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